Welcome to Pulse of Asia
“The Pulse” implies inside knowledge. A person with “his finger on the pulse” is wiser than one who does not.

History of PoA

First initiation meeting for the Asian-Pacific vascular research forum

Date and place
2008-06-16 during 2008 ISH at Berlin
Attendee (Drs)
Michael O’Rourke (Australia)
Yuhei Kawano (Japan)
Jeong Bae Park, Moo Yong Rhee, Hae Young Lee (Korea)
Lisung Liu (China)
Made aim of the meeting
To exchanges ideas and knowledge on artery research in Asian-Pacific country
To make individual connection for near future collaboration on vascular research among Asian-pacific countries
Made scope of the forum
Epidemiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and therapy of arterial stiffness
Covering from large artery stiffness to microcirculation

1st the Pulse of Asia : held at Daegu, Korea on April 17 -18, 2009